MSc. Rafael Estermann

Federally recognized psychotherapist, FSP

Individual and couples Therapy,
psychological Counseling, and Coaching

My conviction

Our inner strength heals –
Let me help you in this process

We have a lot of resources to deal with difficult situations during our lives. Despite this, and in the face of challenging situations, these resources can cease to be effective, and we find ourselves in the need of help.

As a federally recognized psychotherapist with experience in two different clinics and a psychiatric office, I can help you in these difficult situations (see resume).

Thanks to my rich intercultural background (Swiss-Dutch citizen, raised in Latin America) I can guide you in your healing process in the most open and non-judgmental possible way.

My offer

My offer includes psychotherapy, psychological counseling and coaching for adults and teenagers from the age of 15.

Depending on the situation, sessions can take place in an individual setting, with couples or with the participation of family members.

My work is recognized by the Swiss health insurances; so, the treatment-costs can be covered by them.

I also perform diagnostic assessments, mainly for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

I offer psychotherapy in German, Spanish, English and Dutch. Additionally, I have good French-Skills.