My work is based on an empathetic approach, appreciation, acceptance, authenticity, and commitment. I try to listen without judging in order to get to the bottom of the personal psychological condition. Instead of following a personal agenda, I let the goals and feelings from the patient guide me. My purpose is to support the patient to find and promote his/her own sources of strength.

Personally, I consider the human being as a unity of body, mind, and soul in its individual environment. I try to promote awareness and explore the self-healing powers to resolve internal and external conflicts. It is not only important to achieve the relief or elimination of symptoms, but also to find out the cause of suffering and disease, so that one can reach a steady psychological improvement.

In my psychotherapeutic work – depending on the context – I clarify, support, question or confront empathically. I accompany classical conversational psychotherapy with exercises, bodywork, psychodrama methods, creative media, and constellations. Although I am specialized in Gestalt therapy, I also use behavioral, systemic, psychodramatic, schema and “Ego-States” (focus on the integration of the different aspects of personality) approaches. My focus is not only to talk about the problem, but also to make it tangible through its therapeutic recreation to change it actively and beneficially.

Of course, my psychotherapeutic work is based on the latest scientific concepts and methods.

Don’t push the river.
It flows by itself