I offer psychotherapy, psychological counseling and coaching for adults and teenagers from the age of 15. I also perform diagnostic assessments, especially for ADHD.

I work with people of different cultures, genders, ages, problems, and agendas. Diversity in my daily work is paramount to me.

Possible topics to treat in the sessions are depression, anxiety, psychosis, addictions, personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, eating disorders, relationship problems, compulsive disorders, identity problems, personal life crises, adjustment disorders, difficulties in relationships, etc. If you have any questions, I am here to clear them out.

As someone who grew up in different countries, I specialize in working with adjustment difficulties, interpersonal conflicts due to different opinions, expectations, or language issues, as well as problems in binational couples.

Equally, I focus on the psychological work with refugees, victims of war and torture. These people depend on professional psychological help. For this reason, I am carrying out a project in collaboration with the psychotherapist Colette Jansen, in which the translation costs during psychotherapy are covered by the Via Cordis foundation.

Another topic of equal relevance are the psychological issues in the LGTBIQ+ community. Although today exists less taboos and more acceptance towards the community, misinformation and prejudice continue to generate discriminatory incidents. My support in the concerns of this community, and therapeutic support in the search for gender identity and sexual orientation is at your disposition

For information on my work methodology, see methods.

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